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Nowadays, Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is widely used as an alternative to manufacturing with traditional solid silicone-rubber elastomers, due to their unique technological advantages, as presented below.

Liqud Silicone Rubbers are widely used in injection moulding, fabric coating, dipping and extrusion coating processes. While grade dependant, the addition-crosslinking silicone rubber vulcanises within a few seconds at mould temperatures of 140-230C. Short vulcanisation times and ease of demoulding permit automated production of large numbers of articles per time unit.

Technological advantages of LSR are the following:

  • easy mixing and processing
  • fully compounded, ready to process
  • very short cycle times depending on wall thickness and part design
  • easy demoulding
  • flashless moulding
  • post curing frequently not needed
  • good direct bonding to specific insert components
  • superior clarity
  • low odour and neutral taste
  • usable over a wide temperature range from 60C to +180C
  • good elastic properties
  • very good UV and ozone rezistance
  • atmosferic ageing stability
  • low moisture pick-up and resistant to many solvents
  • good dielectric properties over a wide range of temperatures
  • silicone rubber is not readily combustible, does not melt or drip and smoke toxicity is very low.

Applications of LSR include parts for the following fields:

  • Automotive : Distributor caps, cable bushings, housing seals, bellows, plug seals, spark plug boots, O-rings, gaskets, bushings, boots
  • Electronics : Sockets for antennas, terminals, plug connections, housing seals, switch membranes, key pads for computers and telephones, diaphragms, grommets
  • Electro & Appliances : Small seals, cable bushings, lamp seals, appliance feet, membranes, O-rings, shower bath caps
  • Medical : Seals for medical appliances, syringe plungers, breast nipple protectors, inflating bellows, catheters, earplugs, baby bottle nipples
  • Miscellaneous : Swimming goggles, diving masks, swimming caps

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