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Currently we are involved in producing parts for the medical, automotive and electrical industries made of Liquid Silicone Rubber on our liquid injection moulding machines with a maximum capacity shot of 20 ccm.

For the medical applications the products are manufactured in clean rooms with minimal human intervention, on an injection moulding machine with a high degree of automatisation.

LSR cathetersLSR catheters manufactured in clean-room conditions - medical applications

Also we are involved in producing different seals, "O"-rings, membranes and insulators for the electrical and automotive industries. These products require a high quality surface finish and flashless moulding as well as to whitstand great variations of temperature. For this reason they are also manufactured of Liquid Silicone Rubber on injection moulding machines.

ButonLSR Button, coloured, electrical applications

Currently we are producing silicone baby bottle nipples, since this kind of product requires a material that can be sterilised often and also is confortable for the baby.

Silicone baby nippleSilicone baby bottle nipple

Silicone nazal cleanerSilicone nazal cleaner

Also as a project we would be interested in manufacturing liquid silicone rubber shower caps, since manufactured of LSR various colours are available, without the specific odour of other products and also prevents deposits on the surface of the shower cap.

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